Chipeno - Mucho Lecker!
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The Swiss Army Knife for Good Dishes 🌶️

No more standard. Chipeño gives any of your everyday dishes a flavor upgrade. Chipeño turns hot dogs into pit bulls and fish buns into piranha. No matter which of your dishes, our Swiss best-seller will trigger a goosebump moment. With smoky chilies from Mexico, fresh lime and a creamy mayo, Chipeño becomes what customers are looking for. Made in Switzerland, we are now bringing the smoky, mild, chile mayo to Germany. ¡ Ándale!!

Best aroma, best ingredience

Chipeño is the smoky salsa with its own character. The combination of the smoky flavour and the salty, mild spiciness makes this sauce unique. It is not a modification of existing sauces, but a new taste experience that has never been experienced before. In addition, the sauce comes without any artificial flavour enhancers or colourings. It is gluten- and lactose-free.

Chipeño™ Care - TooGoodToGo

"to be consumed by" ≠ "best before".

Too Good To Go therefore recommends that all producers adapt the inscription of the best-before date on the packaging: "Best before .../.../..., often good for longer "We recommend that consumers use their senses after the best-before date has expired to check whether the product is still edible.

Chipeño™ supports TooGoodToGo with their concern and will integrate a reference in the label of every product in the future.

For you!


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